Freddie Freeman in 2016 has been less than impressive. His bat has been absent where it matters most. I get it, it’s Freddie Freeman, and to write anything negative about him is sac-religious in Braves Country. But someone’s got to do it. 

If Freddie Freeman wasn’t deemed as the “biggest threat in the Atlanta Braves lineup” and the “guy this team is building around” and the “face of the franchise” then I wouldn’t be writing this. But the problem is – He’s all of those things and he’s been terrible this year.

Freddie Freeman started off the season really terrible, and I wrote this. Since writing that, he went on a bit of a hot streak. But even his hot streak didn’t impress me. Why? Because he still couldn’t perform with runners in scoring position.

In 2016 Freddie Freeman is slashing .176/.370/.351 with runners in scoring position. “But what about Freeman’s bombs this year?!” 12 of Freddie Freeman’s 17 home runs this year came with no one on base. When no one is on base, Freddie’s batting .290/.347/.571.

To make my WAR readers happy, Freddie is 7th worst in clutch this season at -1.55 wins.

The general belief about Freddie Freeman is this – He’s really good. There’s nothing at all to worry about. He’s only doing bad this year because the team is terrible and he’s having to carry such a terrible team on his back all by his lonesome.

Cry me a river. Go tell that to Todd Helton.

In July, Freddie is batting .237/.318/.526 with 4 homers. I’m not impressed as long he continues to  in clutch situations.

I’m concerned about Freddie Freeman. But I’m also aware that last year he slashed .376/.512/.645 with runners in scoring position. Therefore, it must be state that Freddie Freeman CAN perform in times that really matter. But slumps can be difficult to recover from and I hope this 2016 Freddie Freeman doesn’t last.

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